Flattrader Trading Platform, Ordertypes & -Strategies

In this Seminars you receive a first view of our trading platform FlatTrader and the most important features. We will show you all ordertypes, the implementation of the software desktop, all tradeable instruments as well as the open orders and positions management. You learn how to implement trendlines and indicators correctly for your own trading.

This "Seminar“ includes :

Livetrading with the FlatTrader

  • Ordertypes
  • Positionsmanagement
  • The Charttool
  • Orderstrategies
  • Stop Strategies
  • Order in the Chart
  • Market Order
  • Stop Order
  • Trailing Stop Order
  • Limit Order
  • One cancels the other (OCO)
  • Secured Order
  • Scale Out Order
  • Ordern in the Chart window
  • Autochartist™
  • Chartformations and Fibonacci retracements
  • The Charttool
  • Indicators
  • Chartsettings and function

Forex Live Trading - Basic & Strategies
Basics of trading Forex:

G-Flat offers fractional pips in trading currencies. You receive very exact quotations and lower spreads. Use FlatTrader to trade forex around the clock with a free choosable leverage between 100 and 400 and free lotsize between micro, mini and standardlots. Learn in this Seminar the basics of forex trading.

We came to your home and explain everything.
Price for Seminar: Seminars are Not Free

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