Benefits for Affiliates

Benefits for Affiliates

GFlat offers for customers, partner and affiliates the opportunity of offering your own customers with access to trading in the Forex and CFD markets or just to commend GFlat to a friend or circle of acquaintances. We offer you a broad range of trading options starting with a simple mediator program up to a completely adapted platform solution so called White Label Partners.

With GFlat you will be able to generate drastically higher revenues simply by referring your customers to us. Our experience and advanced technology allows you to continue your focus on your customers and objectives.

GFlat pays attractive commissions either as a onetime payment per client or for our partners as long as the client is trading with us.

Our list of institutional customers includes broker/dealer, money manager, hedge fund managers, future brokers (FCMs), entrepreneurs, introducing broker, commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and commodity pool operators (CPAs).

FXFlat makes it simple for you – with our support and solutions from account opening up to a personalized trading platform – to offer your clients a good service.

Award-winning software

Our trading software FlatTrader® is one of the most advanced and user-friendly trading platforms on the market and free for you and your customers.

A white label version of FlatTrader® and GFlat® WebTrader accompanies the product and allows you to adjust your own look & feel and integrate your personal brand.

Provide your customers with a platform that includes a full range of chart features in FLATTrader® and an option to implement your own strategies and back testing through integrated the Chart Studio™ feature.

Competitive revenues

Receive revenues for every turnover made by your customers. Build up your own intermediary business increasing your revenues and letting you participate in other customer bases.

Professional support

You receive support through our support team and market makers around the clock. Benefit from constant news streaming and compliance reports. We respect and protect the privacy of our customers and intermediary business partners.

Customer account monitoring system

Our back office system works in real time and provides you with online access to all of your trading accounts and those of your customers. Manage both, your accounts and the accounts of your customers.

Gain fast access to key information and revenue data including the volume of all accounts and account documents.

Chat with your customers, monitor their online trading activities and check all customer orders.

The complete backend and the technological structure are managed through GFlat.

Access to the world’s leading resources

Highest liquidity through access to the largest banks worldwide.

Overview of current interest rates, supports and resistances as well as of all key data from economic reports.
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